Welcome to Betty K Foods! Betty K Foods manufactures & distributes delicious island snacks including plantain chips, cassava chips, dried nuts, spicy channa, tamarind balls, sugar cakes, assorted fudge, hot sauces, as well as other specialty items. 

Our signature product is our plantain chips. What is a plantain? Considered a cousin of the banana, a plantain, although a fruit, is best known as a vegetable because of it’s large size and the fact that it cannot be consumed raw. Betty K Foods picks only the brightest and freshest green plantains, slices and cooks them in pure soy bean oil capturing their delicious flavour into a crispy chip, and then seals them fresh in packages for ready-to-eat yummy consumption! 

Here at Betty K Foods, we guarantee that after tasting our chips and noticing the awesome quality, you’ll agree there is no better! We would also like to thank our customers for making Betty K Foods what it is today!

We are happy to take in special orders for corporate events, office events, festivals, food tradeshows, weddings and other wholesale orders. We pride ourselves on establishing a solid personal bond with our customers and providing the utmost customer satisfaction.